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Massage Therapy

I use sports, remedial and therapeutic massage techniques in massage treatments.

A first appointment will include a consultation to check health concerns and to discuss your reasons for coming for massage. We aim to get results in one to six sessions.

Massage is a collection of techniques for working on the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is profoundly relaxing and promotes healing and good health.

I specialize in the treatment and management of painful conditions, restricted mobility and stress.  These conditions can result from everyday activities, posture, work, sports, exercise, trauma, previous injury, illness and caring for others.

Appointment times include consultation and treatment.

Benefits of massage

​The benefits of massage enable you to relax, unwid and take care of yourself

• aids recovery from work-related aches and pains

• recover from injury and return to fitness faster

• helps you recover from illness, regain your energy levels and return to health

• recover faster from surgical operations

• become fitter, stronger and more flexible

• manage chronic painful conditions with less pain, less restricted movement and less stress

• sleep better

• improve your performance in sport

• maintain your muscles in peak condition

• protect yourself from injury and repetitive strains

• improve your general fitness and have greater resistance to coughs, colds and flu

I recommend going to Clare for a massage.  I was experiencing really bad headaches and migraines as a result of working too long on the computer and stress whilst doing my PhD.  Her massages got me through it.  She doesn't bully your body into submission, instead she coaxes your muscles firmly but sensitively.  Similarly, she got me through my pregnancy which included painful back and head aches - so thank you Clare!  I now go and have massage as a form of preventative treatment, as the quality of life is so much better without pain or discomfort."


Thank you for all your hard work, it is much appreciated by my now not so aching body.  After three massage sessions I feel the aches and pains that I had built up over the past six months are now behind me.  I should like to continue with these sessions as I think there is more work to do and also because of the physical nature of my work.  I really do think you are a truly skilled practitioner Clare, and I am very grateful".



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Clare Drew


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