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Allergy & Food Intolerance Testing

Allergy & Food Intolerance Testing

Allergy and intolerance testing is used to identify foods or other substances that may be causing health concerns. 

These allergens include foods, drinks, additives, chemicals, dust, pollens and animal hairs.

Symptoms of allergy and intolerance can be varied. For example, tiredness, headaches, rashes, running nose, muscle or joint pain, irritability or simply not feeling very well. 

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chron’s disease, migraine, eczema, asthma and hay fever you may find an allergy test helpful.  Testing is non-invasive, safe and suitable for all ages.

During an appointment we test a wide range of substances and the test results are available immediately.  We then discuss a plan of action for you based on the results of the test and the information you have given; it is to help you to reduce or eliminate your symptoms, putting you back in control of your health.

Specialist homeopathic allergy desensitizing remedies are prescribed as part of the treatment programme.

What's good about testing and treatment?

• results provided immediately

• you are provided with a plan of action based on your test results, to enable you to effectively deal with your concerns

• help and support

• reduce or eliminate symptoms

• enjoy having your pets & animals around you

• no long term restricted diets are normally needed

* "This means that not only can asthma, hay fever and eczema be treated, but also many other conditions caused by food intolerance or chemical sensitivity.  These include irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis, chronic sinusitis, recurring cystitis, muscle and joint pain, extreme tiredness, chronic fatigue syndrome, restless legs, sore dry eyes and other unusual conditions that do not respond to drug-related medicine".

D.M.Harrison BA(Hons. Psych) BSc MRPharms Principal, British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy

Allergy, Intolerance & Sensitivity

All symptoms of allergy, intolerance and sensitivity are the result of an over reaction of the body’s immune system.

The way we live and the events that happen in our lives affect the way our bodies function. The body can react badly to food, drink, the additives contained within them, medication, stress, the environment we live in and the pollution we are exposed to.

Allergy  is the term often used to describe an immediate reaction. This includes the extreme shock reaction that can follow eating peanuts or shellfish.

Other fast appearing reactions like sneezing, wheezing, watering eyes and red blotchy skin are symptoms normally associated with allergies such as hay fever or allergic reactions to dust, animal hair, insect stings, metal & chemicals.

Intolerances or Sensitivities  are terms used to describe the type of allergic reaction that takes longer to develop. This delay can be days, making it difficult to pinpoint the cause of unpleaseant or distressing symptoms.

"Both I and my family have been treated by Clare Drew and have found her treatment very useful.  As a result, I have also suggested that some of my patients consult her.  The feedback from these patients has invariably been positive. 

I often refer patients with digestive problems and find her assessment is very useful to establish whether there are intolerances to different foods.

Environmental factors can be very difficult to pin down; one patient of mine in particular was hugely helped in the following way.  She seemed to have a chronic sinus problem that had defied conventional investigation here and in Harley Street.  Clare's testing suggested that she was sensitive to North Sea Gas.  Once she changed her cooker to electricity, her symptoms resolved."

Dr K, GP


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